Fincon User Notice Year Ends in 2017 – High Priority

Dear Fincon User

Most of you have your year end in February.  If you are changing from period 24 to period 25, you should read this e-mail carefully.  You can do most of the checks before you do your year end.  You can do points 1 to 3 now already, so that you don’t get caught in the rush on 28 Feb.  That will also give us an opportunity to help you before things get critical, should you need it. SO DO IT NOW.

Note: Remember that you can roll debtors and creditors separately from the ledger.  This gives you an opportunity to fix things in the ledger whilst trading in period 25 in debtors and creditors, should you need it.

  1. Upgrade to version 5.225.002 or later. (The current version is 5.228.001)

NB: If you currently have a version higher than 5.200.001 you MUST be at least 5.211.001 or later.  If not upgrade.


The current version of Fincon is 5.225.002 If at all possible we suggest you upgrade to the latest version as the year end process has been modified slightly. If your version is prior to 5.163 you must upgrade to at least version 5.193.003. There is an online help facility available from that upgrade onwards which may be of help during this period, should you require it. Version 5.193 is available here: WinFinUp.exe and version 5.225.002 is available here: FinconCSClientSetup.exe. If you are upgrading to version 5.225 you also need to upgrade the server to version 6.4.4 or later. That is available here: FinconServerSetup.exe. There is an upgrade page with instructions available here.  Please read it and make sure you adhere to the procedures.


  1. Make sure period 12 balances

System / System Maintenance / System Verify / Select All Accounts for Period 12 / Accept.  If the trial balance total it is not 0.00, or if there are any accounts listed, do the following:

System / System Maintenance / System Rebuild / Select all accounts for Period 1 / Accept. When finished re-check the system verify. If the trial balance total is still not 0.00, please contact our office to help you fix it.


  1. 3.  Verify account allocations

System / System Maintenance / Verify Account Allocations / Select All Accounts / Accept. If no accounts are listed after it completes, the allocations are in order. If any accounts are listed do the following:

Re-index all the files: System / System Maintenance / Reindex files, select all, Accept.

Rebuild all accounts: System / System Maintenance / System Rebuild / Select all accounts for Period 1 / Accept.

Rebuild the account allocations: System / System Maintenance / Rebuild Account Allocations.

Verify account allocations again. If you still have accounts listed, please contact our office so that we can help you fix it.

Before you start the roll from 24 to 25 (ledger).



  1. Please back up your information. (All companies).  If you have upgraded to version 5.206 or later Fincon has a backup facility built in under File, Create Backup.


Make sure that the backup is usable. Do not skip this step, as you will not be able to recover from an aborted year end without a backup.

  1. Make sure you have enough space on the hard drive.


Check that you have al least 2x the size of your current Findata folder available on the same drive as your Findata folder.

  1. Your year end archive date should be 2016 Feb. 


Remember this is period 12. So select February month and 2016 year, on the screen where the system asks you to enter “I am Really SURE”.

  1. Make sure that the archive completes without any error messages.

When the yearend is complete, you will be in period 13 again.  The previous periods 1 to 12 (March 2015-Feb 2016) will be in archive Feb2016. The previous periods 13 to 24 are renumbered to 1 to 12. March 2016 is period 13, February 2016 is period 12.

If an error occurs, please restore the backup before trying to run the year-end again.  Feel free to contact us if you are not sure about anything to do with the process.

Good luck in your business ventures in 2017!

The Fincon Team

Tel: 012 663 7567